VIO - more focus, less noise

Director: Ernst Føyn Title: VIO - more focus, less noise Client: VIO Agency: Maskinen Director : Ernst Føyn Producer: Marthe Haakensen Illustrator: Espen Friberg Music: Snasen Sound: Petter Haavik, Sagveien Resort Animation: Kristoffer Stokkerud

VIO is a platform for web and mobile, that gathers all your favourite magazines in one place. It curates the content and makes it possible for you stay up to speed while you are on the go. At their launch they wanted a video that both promoted and explained what their service could offer. Their target audience are people with vested interests for art, culture, design and lifestyle. The goal was therefor to create something a bit strange and charming that would stand out from the crowd in sosial media, where the film would mainly be promoted