Kunsten å velge smart

TINE 14 is a series of small meals that recently have had an update to their package design. McCann and TINE wanted to tell the story of how the new package designs came to life and the illustrators behind it. The campaign consists of outdoor digiboards, 20 second product films in a VR universe and a main film telling the story of Jenny, one of the illustrators. We had 2 days shooting in studio for the VR parts and 2 days on location.

Director: Thomas Anker Title: Kunsten å velge smart Client: TINE Agency: McCann Creative Team McCann: Adam Billyeald & Jørgen Lauré Production Company: Babusjka Producer: Håkon Sørensen Technical Director: Magne Hage DOP: Runar Sørheim Production design: Nina Bjerch Andresen Sound: Baard Haugan Ingebretsen / Uhørt Editing: Jonas Aarø / Uhørt Music: Aurora VR sequence team: Magne Hage & Christian Lundwall