Psykomotorisk fysioterapi

Stress, worries, conflicts and traumatic incidents can take hold of us in many different ways. You might not realize that psychologically demanding situations over time might be the origin to numerous physical pains. Psychomotoric physiotherapists look at the discomfort of the body as a blend of numerous disorders. For us to be able to help you we need to know how your pain is connected to the life that you are living.

Director: Ernst Føyn, Syver Sanengen Title: Psykomotorisk fysioterapi Client: Norsk Fysioterapiforbund Directors: Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Ernst Føyn Client: Norsk Fysioterapiforbund (Norwegian Physiotherapist Association) Producer: Marthe Haakensen Character animation: Kristoffer Stokkerud, Abel Reyes Compositing: Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Kristoffer Stokkerud 3D animation: Syver Fabritius Sanengen, Abel Reyes Sound Design: Torstein Tanum Morstad / Sagveien Resort Script: Ernst Føyn, Syver Fabritius Sanengen Voice: Melanie Smirou