DNB Insurance

Directed by: Mads Astrup Rønning

A series of animated web films explaining DNBs full range of products. In collaboration with TRY and POL, Babusjka developed the concept of "DNB City" The challenge was to create an holistic template for an educational and interesting way to explain all
DNB's products and services. Given the rapid pace of production and without big budgets for each film, we are a bit proud of what we achieved.

Title: DNB Insurance Client: DNB Agency: Try Creative team TRY: Lars Joachim Grimstad & Egil Pay Production Company: Babusjka Producer: Kristina Skogen Animation: Syver Sanengen, Abel Reyes, Kjetil Myrhe Berge, Oddne Madsen, Eirik O. Aanonsen, Ernst Føyn Composer: Midnight Music Director: Mads Astrup Rønning

Awards: Nominated in Gullbranson for Best Animation