Den Ekstra Fridagen 2

DNB Regnskap is an accounting tool for small business owners. The campaign focuses on how time saving it is to use DNB Regnskap, that you can actually take a day off with the time you save, and do something fun instead.

Title: Den Ekstra Fridagen 2 Client: DNB Agency: T/A POL Director: Sebastian Kåss Producer: Tuva Dyrnes Creative Director: Mads Astrup Rønning Prod.manager: Marielle Torsvik DOP: Kristian Engelsen Key Gaffer: Levi Gawron Grip: Bjørn Berger Sound: Olav Larsen Props: Karl Gunnar Karlsen Stylist: Silje Andreassen Editor: Sebastian Kåss Grade: Julien Alary Sound Design & Online: Storyline Creatives: Thorbjørn Ruud & Petter Bryde :

Climate score:

Total score: 81,49 %

Total CO2e: 1363 kg

Additional CO2e compensation: 18506 kg

Total CO2e carbon credits: 20 tonnes