Den Ekstra Fridagen

DNB Regnskap is an accounting tool for small business owners. The campaign focuses on how time saving it is to use DNB Regnskap, that you can actually take a day off with the time you save, and do something fun instead.

Title: Den Ekstra Fridagen Client: DNB Agency: T/A POL Producer: Sebastian Kåss Creative Director, Babusjka: Mads Astrup Rønning Prod.manager: Marielle Torsvik DOP: Kristian Engelsen Key Gaffer: Levi Gawron Grip: Bjørn Berger Sound: Olav Larsen Props: Karl Gunnar Karlsen Stylist: Silje Andreassen Editor: Sebastian Kåss Grade: Julien Alary Sound design & Online: Storyline Creative team: Thorbjørn Ruud & Petter Bryde

Climate score:

Total score: 81,49 %

Total CO2e: 1363 kg

Additional CO2e compensation: 18506 kg

Total CO2e carbon credits: 20 tonnes