Susanne Falkum Løvik

About Susanne Falkum Løvik

Susanne has an extraordinary talent for storytelling and a unique ability to make the actors feel comfortable and able to perform at their best. She puts a lot of effort into the casting process and the development of the characters. With 20 years of experience, she has proven high level of achievement time after time, and always makes sure the whole process runs smoothly.

Susanne's reel stretches from humor to documentary, often a little bit of both. Her passion is telling real stories, as seen in her latest projects; TV-aksjonen - Kirkens Bymisjon, Visit Oslo - Oslo Pride and BI.

She is passionate about making films that reflect our society and contribute to making a difference. Films that inspire positive attitudes, films that have a purpose, or films for organizations and corporations that are working towards making the world a better place. Susanne loves people and loves to tell personal stories on film.