Sebastian Kåss

About Sebastian Kåss

Sebastian is a extraordinary talented and prizewinning director.
His hard-hitting debut film "Forfalne" (Dilapidated) has won several awards, amongst them the "Le Prix de Jury" (Jury Award) at Brussel Short Film Festival 2017, og "Prix de la réalisation" (Best Director) at Festival du Cinéma européen in Lille. At Gullbranson 2017 he was awarded Talent Of The Year.

Growing up he lived both in Islamabad and Paros. The enormous contrast to the Norwegian way of life sparked his interest to tell stories. The general urge for creative expression has also resulted in composing music, contemporary dancing, theatre acting and DJ-ing.
This multitalented, hard working man is full of energy, smartness and humor. And if you are up for it, he can throw in some contemporary dance moves next time you meet.